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Assistance and advice during periods of change or transition.

Whether you are a doctor looking to bring on an associate/partner, ready to sell your practice, or a dentist looking to join or acquire an established practice, CBG & Company, Inc. can be a valuable resource as you work through your transition. Having an experienced team in dental practice transitions is a key component of a successful transition.

Our transition consulting services typically fall into one of two categories:

Buyer’s Assistance Program

We work with potential buyers to assess their needs as they determine if a particular practice will be a good fit. The first step is to ensure a practice will satisfy their cash flow needs after servicing the acquisition debt. If the practice cash flow looks sufficient, we assist the buyer with their financial due diligence and work with them until the purchase is closed. The process typically covers the following areas:

  • Modeling various cash flow scenarios
  • Selecting the proper entity structure
  • Providing an opinion on the practice value
  • Negotiating the key terms of the purchase
  • Assisting with the loan process
  • Working with attorneys on the purchase and other transition-related agreements

Seller’s Assistance Program

The analysis for a potential seller begins with an understanding of the seller’s readiness to retire. Is the potential seller financially ready? Do they want to walk away or continue working post-transition? What is important to the seller as they evaluate potential buyers and offers?

Once the seller’s goals and needs have been identified and a potential buyer is interested, the focus shifts to maximizing the value of the practice sale. Recommendations are given in the following areas:

  • Determining a fair purchase price and purchase allocation
  • Evaluating the practice EBITDA
  • Minimizing the tax impact of the transaction
  • Structuring the deal to ensure the seller’s goals are being met
  • Determining how the practice proceeds should be invested
  • Establishing a post-transition cash flow plan

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