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Dr. Monica has been practicing dentistry as an associate for 3 years.  She is married with a two year-old son.  Her husband, Matt, is an electrical engineer.  Dr. Monica has significant student loan debt, she and Matt both have automobile leases, and they recently purchased a large home that their family hopes to grow into. While practice ownership has always been a goal for Dr. Monica, they are not sure if they would get approved for a large practice loan with their existing debt and minimal savings or if servicing the additional debt would put too much stress on their family.  They have heard about the importance of saving at a young age, but have not yet been proactive in this area.

Before CBG

  • Uncertain of future opportunities due to their amount of debt
  • A strong family income, but it feels like most of it goes to pay debt and taxes
  • Dr. Monica had no vision of how to get from where she is now to owning her own practice
  • Had not yet considered college savings
  • Significant potential implications for their son with no estate plan in place should something happen to them

After CBG

  • Knows what to expect and how to prepare for future underwriting of a large practice purchase loan
  • Savings targets are in place and they are now comfortable knowing where their dollars are going
  • Dr. Monica understands the process of searching for and analyzing potential practice purchase options
  • Established a 529 college savings account in their state that provides tax benefits in addition to beginning their son’s college fund
  • A basic inexpensive estate plan is in place that outlines their custody wishes for their son and future children

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