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Assisting with tax compliance and financial record-keeping.

With our experience in the dental industry and our knowledge in the ever-changing tax arena, we are able to provide you with proactive tax planning and accurate tax preparation. We offer both business and individual tax preparation services and continually look for opportunities that optimize your current and future taxes.

We focus first on the comprehension of your practice financial information. CBG has decades of experience working on and analyzing dental practice financial statements. This experience allows us to help clients develop management reports that provide the information needed to assess and improve financial outcomes. Accurate and timely reporting allows for proactive tax planning which can reduce the fear and sense of surprise that can occur as tax returns are filed. This information sharing takes place throughout the year so that you are informed and better equipped to make business decisions, knowing the tax implications ahead of time.

All dental practices must remain in compliance with governmental reporting requirements by filing a series of tax returns and reports. CBG provides this compliance service by summarizing the data that was gathered throughout the year and preparing the appropriate tax forms. Dentistry provides unique tax opportunities, and we strive to help our clients utilize those that fit their situation. Our dental industry experience allows us to stay on the cutting edge in identifying those opportunities. Whether you are just starting your practice, have been in practice for several years, or are ready to sell your practice and optimize the tax impact of that final piece of your dental career, CBG can help you accomplish the goal of efficient tax planning and preparation.

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