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Guidance and recommendations for investment decisions.

Every client is unique: different histories and perspectives, different hopes and goals for the future, and different comfort levels and experiences. Their investment strategy should complement, not contradict. CBG uses these variables to help form the investment plan that is right for you. Whether you are a hands-on or a passive investor, we help arm you with the information needed to achieve your objectives.

At CBG we believe the starting point for any investment allocation discussion is to take as little risk as necessary to achieve your goals. Our role is to weigh each client’s unique set of circumstances against the current global investment climate and craft a basket of investments with the appropriate risk/ reward ratio.

CBG provides a strategy for every stage of your professional career, whether you are just starting out, actively building your assets, or living in retirement. We understand different stages require different perspectives. A wealth accumulation strategy will look very different than a wealth preservation strategy.

From the beginning of the process through our partnerships with Charles Schwab, Morgan Stanley, Vanguard, etc., we assist our clients in creating a custom investment allocation. Our commitment to you is to provide the guidance that is necessary to ensure it is a hassle-free experience from the opening of accounts to the transferring of existing assets. Low-cost no-load mutual funds and ETFs are the foundation of our clients’ portfolios, which ensures as much of your money works for you as possible. Through it all, you will have 24-hour access to your accounts and complete transparency.

Our responsibility is to help monitor and adjust your portfolio strategy as life changes. As part of the CBG experience, you will receive clear, easy-to-read quarterly statements, along with investment strategy meetings and touch-base calls throughout the year.

Each dental patient has a unique treatment plan. Each client should have a unique investment strategy.

Need an investment strategy that matches your unique set of circumstances and long term goals?